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One of the most successful, reputed Vivah Mandal
for all HINDUS (in India and Abroad)
All respectful thanks to my mother Smt. Vimaltai K.Phadke for her guidance, support and courage to start Vivah Mandal at Goregaon. She started her work in 1972 at Dadar with intention to help people to find suitable match for their children. Now her daughter ROHINI GODBOLE, is continuing her work with same passion, devotion and dedication. Although we all know that marriages are made in heaven, we make it possible in ROHINI GODBOLE VIVAH MANDAL. We are introducing our website for our valuable members...

When parents think it's time for their (son/daughter) is ready for marriage,
They approach us and our work starts....
  • They register themselves by paying nominal fee, photo copy of bride/groom & their expectations and other details.

  • Parents sign consent note declaring their approval for photo, contact no & address to be displayed on the website.(However member's contact no., address is disclosed to only interested parties who have registered themselves for website)

  • ROHINI GODBOLE VIVAH MANDAL makes the best possible, suitable match fixing-where it is difficult for parents to go personally.

  • Interested parties can match their horoscopes (if they wish) and both families meet.

  • With mutual consent of both the parties, family meetings are arranged.

  • If all goes well; families fix up dates of engagements wedding and other formalities.

Here ROHINI GODBOLE VIVAH MANDAL take an opportunity be that be that and lead you to your " life partner ". It will be our pleasure if we can provide even a smallest key to your happiness.

Looking at interest of existing members spread across India and abroad Rohinitai has taken step in the modern world of fast communication & interest by introducing this website with a beautiful blend of personalized services & the young technology. This will give our members a quick access to our database in their busy schedule. We are looking forward for feedback from respectable members